Electrum (green gold) ring

Satin finish electrum ring, slightly asymmetric shape. Perfect as a wedding or engagement ring that's a bit different, or just for everyday wear.

Electrum - also known as green gold - is an alloy of gold and silver, which can occur naturally but in this instance was made in my workshop. Equal weights of gold and silver are melted together and cast into an ingot, which is then forged and rolled into a sheet before being formed into a ring. The process is time-consuming and difficult with a high failure rate (several rings were almost made before developing faults and having to be re-melted to start again), but the results are a beautiful metal which is somewhere between the soft sheen of fine silver and the gentle glow of gold. This ring will definitely draw comments and admiration, electrum is very rare in jewellery!

UK size P.5, US size 8. Interior diameter 18mm, width 5-8mm.

Not your size? Get in touch and I'll make you one that is. No extra charge for custom orders.


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